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As Quantum Computers evolve, you get the best of breed under the same API.
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Slide The Fastest Way into Quantum One API platform to access the Best of Breed algorithms in the market, without the vendor lock-ins from the hardware providers. Available APIs

Designed By Quantum Engineers.
Built for business.

Connect in minutes to a Qubit Agnostic API that provides the best of breed solution for your business problems.

Qubit Agnostic

We connect to simulators, quantum inspired and quantum hardware providers in an agnostic and transparent way

API as a Service

Simple RESTful API connection to solve business problems that gives you access to the best of breed quantum algorithms.

Reduced Investment

Get into quantum without needing to invest in complex integrations, betting on specific architectures or fighting for quantum engineering talent .

Security by Default

Secure SDK that keeps your data yours. Security is enabled in our protocols by design. Algorithms run in secure cloud environemnts or in hardware providers vetted for security and geographical constraints

Quick Integration

One SDK to rule them all. Just one integration in your pipelines. One set of credentials and configurations and you get access to the whole plethora of quantum solutions.

No Vendor Lock-ins

Today quantum is fully focused on specific technologies. Annealers and gate based. Different qubit architectures and topologies and algorithms adapted to them. This is risky and we save you from it.

A Single SDK to run Them All (And integrate any Quantum API)

QApified makes it easy to connect to Quantum based APIs. For each API you’ll see performance metrics like average latency, uptime, and popularity. You can test API requests from your browser and:

Real Quantum Solutions for Real World Problems

We wrap the best algorithms to provide a comprehensive solution to optimization problems. Some examples:

Financial Portfolio Optimization

Assets, Sharpe Ratio, Portfolio volume and configurations. And you will get your portfolio optimized.

Route Optimization

Give us a set of nodes (cities, locations, network nodes) and our API will return one of the most efficient routes.

Credit Risk Analysis

What is the volatility of your assets? Calulate VaR and CVaR automatically without complex and costly Montecarlo simulations

Managed Quantum Infrastructure

Simple API Contracts that don’t change with Qubits. Best of breed algorithms no matter how the industry evolves

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