What is the Enterprise Hub?

Developing a Quantum Algorithm is very difficult. Applying it to a specific problem and domain as well. Research meets engineering and business with our platform.

Deployment, scalability and connectivity becomes key elements in the quantum value chain. With our Hub you only have to develop the algorithm and our platform does the rest. Connectivity, scalability, security, governance and subscriptions. All based on your  usage rules and hardware providers required.

Upload Your Algorithm to our marketplace

In a Jupyter Notebook, Python script, or Docker container, and set the playing rules

  • Access model:  Subscription or price per call
  • Hardware provider (Annealers, Gate Based, Simulators)
  • Public or private (only acessible to your own clients)

Control efficiency, usage, capacity and revenue.

With an interface, control how efficient your algorithm is. Benchmark against other options and versions or hardware providers. Upload new versions and do A/B tests. Allow cohorts to use edge versions of your algorithm. Or release the whole platform for your clients only.

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