As easy as


APIs for portfolio optimization, credit risk analysis, or FOREX arbitrage


Scheduling, route optimization, warehouse optimization.


Drug discovery, simulation, hamiltonian siulation


Random number generation, seed generation


Ad optimization, space planning, maximum coverage

Quantum ML

Classification problems enhanced by Quantum computers

One SDK to harness the power of Quantum Computation

The Quantum world evolves constantly. Business cases are appearing on a daily basis and our qubits are becoming more scalable and less noisy. Still, there is lots to come and evolve as an industry.

By integrating with Qapify API marketplace you get one contract, one integration, one SDK and the best of breed algorithm in the market already connected to the hardware provider ready to use. For whichever problem size is achievable at the moment.

A new Qubit implementation? No problem. Our APIs will be the first connecting to it. You will be on the edge of quantum by living in the edge layer.